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Self Serving Installation
When the corporate world gets a little crazy, I have to speak up. Around July 20th in 2016, oil from the Husky Pipeline leaked 225,000 litres of oil into the North Saskatchewan River. This Adversely affected communities from Maidstone, North Battleford to Prince Albert that were on boil water advisory. It was an environmental disaster and the delay in detection and reaction (18 hours to inform the Government of the spill) directly affected the First Nations people, populated communities, wildlife and the river environment for 500 kilometers, plus all the way to Hudson's Bay.

Meet REG, ETHYL and SQUEEGEE as they take you through the crazy world of Oil and the dependence we have on it and the way we respond to the lifestyle it has given us. We are not against pipelines, it's the maintenance of them that is lacking, as well as the right to cross environmentally sensitive land, private properties and First Nations lands.

Why would you build a pipeline on the banks of a major river?

I should have a political cartoon booklet available at the opening.

If this show is of interest for you to display in your community, contact me at


Opening Innovation Place, Saskatoon SK
May 7 - May 16, 2019
Open daily (8:30am - 5pm)

Reception: Friday May 10th (6pm-9pm)
Saturday: May 11 (1-5pm)
Sunday: May 12 (1pm-5pm)

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