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A Group Art Show & Sale

‘Enduring the Elements’ - 4 visions of Saskatchewan in Paint, Iron and Silk.

This is a show of original paintings, sculptures and fine silk works. Meet the artists as they share their insight and inspiration in the art pieces that catch your attention.

Landscape painter Paul Constable spends much of his summers painting on location in northern Saskatchewan. His oil paintings diarize seasonal changes and influences on the prairies as he searches the underlying forms that delineate the prairie landscape.

Rolf Krohn’s wide array of landscape paintings depict dramatic scenes from North of 60, where summer days and dramatic skies descend into muskeg lakes. As well, his work conveys the subtle beauty and fragility of the grasslands in the south of the province.

James Korpan’s metal sculptures are well known and treasured by collectors from all over. Built from reclaimed implements that once worked the land, he repurposes the iron into fine representations of horses, raptors as well as rarely seen new figurative works.

Guest Silk Artisan and Painter, Bonny Macnab’s roots are centered in the landscape she loves to paint. Living and working from her country log home /studio, she produces hand dyed silk panels and scarves that embrace her customers with scenes of Saskatchewan.

Plein Air painting and working outdoors has long been a source of inspiration for artists. It’s the best way to capture the light, but there is also extreme weather, bugs and other natural encounters that make up the full experience.
‘Enduring the Elements’ is all part of the process of art making.

Now it’s time to show you what we’ve done.

Contact Paul Constable at or 306-229-6204
Can’t make the show? Preview some of the artist’s work on their websites:

Paul Constable
Rolf Krohn
James Korpan
Bonny Macnab

OBLIVIOUS - Prairie Sanctum
Chapel Gallery, North Battleford (March 15 - April 25, 2013)


The depiction of life after death could be thought of as fantasy, where one's own muse gets caught up in the lyrical aspects of the sacred place, where one's life form transcends to another.

The forensic nature of my latest work, place the natural elements of the prairie in proximity to man's involvement. Sometimes raw, the sardonic beauty of this subject matter attaches it's self to our own human condition, cutting though the flesh to the bone. Each of us is impacting the world with our footprint, with more change happening in the last 50 years than ever before.

Drive safe out there.

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JUNE 8, JUNE 9, JUNE 10, 2012

Come see the Digs and the Psittacosaurus (Parrot Lizard).


When building my studio a few years ago, I recovered this 18� prehistoric lizard and preserved it�s likeness in a protective layer of limestone, now imbedded in the floor of my studio. Later, when moving studios, I did discover a treasure of small to medium paintings, drawings and prints. These works aren�t as old as the fossil, but you will really appreciate the original prices.

Studio location map at the link below. More work will be posted daily, so you can check some of the work for sale at the right. > > > >

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Art In The Garden - Saskatoon June 27 -28
It gets better every year

This was our 6th year our group of 6 artists presented work created over the past year. There is a good variety of paintings, sculpture and photographic images to choose from. Each year we show at a different garden location in Saskatoon.

The Studio 2009

Over the past 2 years I have been building my Dream Studio. To see more go to the Studio gallery on this page and follow the links.

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OSAC Exhibits the work of the Saskatoon Printmakers
One Hundred Horizons Tours Saskatchewan Until June 2008

The Saskatoon Printmakers are about to conclude their tour of Saskatchewan in Prince Albert, starting June 1st at the Community Arts Centre.

Come celebrate June 14th with a street workshop during the day and conclude with the final Opening in the gallery at 7PM. Everyone welcome.

This Saskatchewan Centenary Exhibition presents 21 pieces by 10 Saskatchewan artists depicting how life on the prairies has effected them - toured throughout Saskatchewan by O.S.A.C. Many artists and art groups celebrated Saskatchewan's centennial, but what is special about this show is that it continues to live on past the anniversary date. 14 more galleries and communities experienced this show first hand. Thanks again to Sharon Butala for sharing her insight, in the foreword of our catalogue. Check the show out on line. Go to my links section for the Saskatoon Printmakers.